How do you solve the problem when he wants porn and she can't stand it? An erotic movie addresses her needs for continuity and seduction and his desire for action and ovation.


THE LOVER - 5 star
There is one specific scene that sticks out.

It’s a hot, humid summer afternoon and the Asian millionaire (Tony Leung) and French schoolgirl (Jane March) are making love on a bed next to a busy afternoon street in China. All around them you hear the sounds of people, shouting, talking and scurrying about their day. Above them a ceiling fan attempts to cool, its faint methodical ticking like a metronome of the lovers’ movements and suddenly you realize that all that separates our lovers from the masses is a single, frail bamboo shade. If you have ever made love in the afternoon with the window wide open shielded only by a partially drawn shade, you'll understand this scene. A bittersweet experience, which is why we  think that it endears us so.

The cinematography in this film is amazing and it will leave you breathless as it enraptures your imagination in the story of forbidden love.    Tasteful and epic storytelling, Detailsmagazine also ranked The Lover as their #1 ‘Put her in the mood" movie of all time. (January 2000).


(Como Agua para Chocolate)

Awards: 1993 Best Foreign Language Film (British Academy Awards and Golden Globe)

Like Romeo and Juliet, this is the story of forbidden love that spans decades only to be realized in such an intensity that it causes the death of he who experiences its power.Like Water for Chocolate is often cited by women as their favorite book of all time, and for once, the movie lives up to the legacy.

Based upon one of the hallmark literary masterpieces of modern times, the film version does not disappoint. See it in its original Spanish language format and learn just why cooking is the way to a man’s heart and also the way to destroy it. Just a hint to the guys, don’t be surprised if in the end your date is left with the tears that swell when something is truly romantic.

Our suggestion, kiss them off her face as the credits roll. But don’t forget to hide the matches first. By the way, you won’t even notice the subtitles. It’s that good!

Winner 1997: 3 Academy Awards: Best Screenplay, Best Supporting Actor (Reynolds) and Actress (Moore) and Two Golden Globes Best Supporting Actor and Actress

How’s this for the ultimate irony: a film about the porn industry, which is actually a comedy but more like a drama and ends up on our list of top erotic films? Irony aside Boogie Nights does contain all the elements described in the definition of erotica, and is one good movie.

Burt Reynolds’ Oscar nominated performance in Boogey Nights is delightfully sleazy and Marc Wahlberg…the women at Couples Company  have just one question Marc. My God! Is that really you?!? You’ll see what we mean in the last 30 seconds. By the way, it can't  be.  The longest on record is.....See the stats in Jungle!Some images you just never forget.

BODY HEAT - 4.5 star
Standing inside the house William Hurt wrestles with lust, pining at what he sees but can’t get. Tall, exotic and alluring Kathleen Turner epitomizes sultry sensuality from her suggestive pose to her throaty voice laced with innuendo.

Suddenly he grabs a chair on the lanai and slams it through the window. Oh, chivalry and pure adulterated lust are still alive in Hollywood. We know very few women who wouldn’t want their lover to occasionally turn into this masculine tower of lust and crash through a window just to make love to her on the floor, on the stairs and every other place in the mansion.

This smoldering mind game of suspense will leave you on the edge of your seat with its twists and turns and ultimate surprise ending. Details magazine ranking #5 of top twelve ‘Put her in the mood’ movies, January 2000

(Unedited version)

Awards: 1973 Best Actor, Marlon Brando (Academy & Film Critics) Best Director, Bernardo Bettolucci (Academy) Best Film (Film Critics)

What does an American do when he meets the other side of wild after the death of his wife by suicide?  Marlon Brando, playing Paul, an emotionally distraught and confused man who staves off his grief by pursuing the carnal pleasures with a young French woman (Maria Schneider).  His journey into sexuality starts on the edge of the dark side and plows though to the center of sadomasochism and perversion.

Awards: 1988 Winner of 7 Academy Awards including Best Picture and Best Actress.
Complications, intrigue, seduction and just plan passive-aggressive sexual war, Dangerous Liaisons will take you on a trip of erotic pleasures seeded with unbridled jealousy and revenge.
Elegantly acted by all involved and with John Malkovich as the leading man, how can you go wrong? Think about it. Has he ever been in a bad movie?

ROMEO & JULIET - 4.5 star
Awards: "Top Ten Pictures of 1968", Golden Globe for Best Director

How many of you saw this movie for first time in 9th grade?  If you did then you know the only thing everyone talked about for the rest of the day was Romeo’s gorgeous nude behind. For most girls this was the first view of the male posterior we had ever seen and frankly, we couldn’t believe they let us see it.

This award winning interpretation of Shakespeare’s most beloved tale of star-crossed lovers is as epic in its visual elements and costumes as it is in the quality of the acting. It proves that this Renaissance man is truly the age’s master storyteller and still holds the key to enduring and unequivocal sensuality.

How does a spiritual thriller directed by Wes Craven (Nightmare on Elm Street) based upon a true story end up on our list of must see erotica? If you have to ask, you haven’t seen the love scene on the cave floor.
Set in Haiti, this journey into the backwaters of Voodoo and black magic will creep through your bones as eerily as The Omen and The Exorcist.   If you believe, this film will scare you.  But it will also ignite your libido. 

In fact, did you know that fear automatically heightens your sexual arousal? Not only is this a fantastic movie, it is the perfect Halloween rendezvous without the kids!

HENRY & JUNE - 3.5 star
What happens when two of the Twentieth Century's top erotic writers have an affair and one of them is married?

This the premise Henry and June.  Henry Miller (Author of landmark 'The Tropic of Cancer') falls in love with Anaïs Nin, the young writer who was paid a dollar per page by an unknown French millionaire to write the most seductively perverse stories possible during the 1920's and 1930's.  Based upon the true story of their love affair, you'll find this film  seductive, beautifully photographed and acted by all involved.

Monte Python and Saturday Night Live meet Playboy is probably the best description of this latest effort by writer Dennis Potter (The Singing Detective and Pennies from Heaven).  Originally aired on British television, if you like your seduction mixed with a good dose of comedy, Lipstick on Your Collar  is sure to please.

If you're in to role playing, your coffers will soon be full of ideas and scenarios. You'll laugh, you'll laugh harder and then you'll attack your partner on the sofa long before the credits ever roll.

CHOCOLAT - 4 star
Awards: Nominated for 5 Academy Awards including Best Picture, Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress. 

Chocolat is the second food related title on our list of recommended erotic films and it's no mistake both films include the pseudo aphrodisiac chocolate in the title.  This is a charming and romantic movie full of sexual innuendo and witty dialogue.  Chocolat is the quintessential date movie and a wonderful prelude to an evening of romance.


Francis Ford Coppola directs this tribute to Bram Stoker’s original character and it is because of his focus on the romantic aspects of the story that this version makes Couples Company's list of erotic films. What woman doesn’t enjoy a dashing and elegant man nibbling on her neck? It’s one of our top five-erogenous zones. Just watch the teeth, okay?

Nominated for 6 Academy Awards®

There is something extremely sensual about the art of being a Geisha and this film delivers in story and sensuality. Based upon the best-selling book, you'll be transported back in time and learn about the mysterious ways of the world's most celebrated courtesans. A wonderful and sensual romantic evening.

Not as good as the book, but a great evening for cuddling on the couch if ever there was one.

The precursor to Sex & the City

Let’s say she’s in the mood for a chick flick and he’s in the mood for a skin flick, this movie is the perfect marriage of both. Men will love seeingER’s Dana Delaney in her Godfather scene, and this movie will give you a whole new side to Oh Baby’s Cynthia Stevenson with Sex in the City's Kim Cattrall.
The stage is set with five women having a combination slumber party/bridal shower for one of the group who is getting married for the third time. An exploration of their fantasies, it’s hilarious, erotic and will give you an all new outlook for breaded chicken breasts and delivery boys. I had to laugh when this came out. I wrote a story called Thirteen at Thirty-one for Sensuality Volume Two with a similar scenario, only with four women rather than five and completely different fantasies!

Bravo  Tcheky Karyo (Red Shoe Diaries, The Bear, Son's & Lovers)!  Finally, an actor that actually knows how to make love and delivers a performance that satisfies a woman's ultimate fantasy of "slow down" and take your time darling.  If actions speak louder than words Tcheky is the world's sexiest man.  Wow!  Yum! And oh my God!

Nostradamus was a surprise entry into our list. We thought we were watching a period piece about  the Renaissance for our historical films...boy were we surprised, pleasantly.  Aside from an interesting historical account, we got a seductive lesson in the steady  rhythm of making love, the manner that really does produce an orgasm in a woman.  This is one history lesson no Casanova should miss and one every woman will applaud!  Three weeks later and we're still flustered thinking about it!  The general critics didn't like it.  We did. Batteries not included....

Set in 16th Century India, this movie delivers both pageantry and essence.  Though at times the story is a bit weak, the costuming and visual appeal more than make up for this occasional indiscretion. 

What we found most fascinating was the school in which the young women are trained in the teachings of the Kama Sutra.   
The story covers the female rivalry between the queen and her former servant girl and the love triangle between the King and his bastard brother for the affections of the same servant girl.  Men will love the erotic dancing and costumes, bare midriffs, bulging bosoms.  Women will love the love story, romance and sensual love making.

Set in Las Vegas, this is the story of Christine (Jacqueline Bisset), a woman bored with her job and her husband so she leaves looking for excitement and lands a job as a Vegas showgirl. 

Typical of the free spirited sexuality of the late '60's and early '70's, this film is full of all the T & A any red blooded American man will enjoy and enough storyline to keep a woman from getting jealous. 

The last 3 minutes of the film are the clincher, portraying something anyone who's been frustrated with life would love to do, but few would dare.  We won't give it away but if you are extremely conservative sexually, morally and socially, steer clear of this one!  If not, enjoy.  You'll love the ending!

Rated R to NC-17 depending on the Version

Rather than choose just one of director Zalman King's movies, we'll give you five.  Widely regarded as the Harlequin Romance Director of erotic films, King has created some of the most often sought after soft porn and erotic  films enjoyed by the masses.  You'll recognize many of the actors, many whom have gone to bigger and better things including Oscars and Emmys.

VALMONT - 3 star

This is another take on Dangerous Liaisons and which you prefer most really depends upon which actors you prefer in the leading roles.

Personally I was not impressed with this version but we had several readers write in and insist we should include it and so we have. Squeaky wheels get the goods.

Set in Jamaica, Wide Sargasso Sea explores origins of Rochester's madwoman-in-the-attic from Jane Eyre. What stands out about this movie is its exploration of racial and sexual experiences, and its study of human sexuality. 

Though not Academy material, both men and women will enjoy the romance novel treatment and erotic passion that permeates throughout this film.

What attracts us to this movie is how it parallels a favorite female fantasy, in a round about way. The idea of a woman restraining another woman while she watches her husband try to have uninvolved sex with the restrained just intrigues us. An unusual film about a war engulfed society in which only 1% of the population remains fertile. Women who are fertile are forced into servitude as walking wombs, or Handmaids.

We like this film for its originality and seductive nature, especially the new twist to a threesome. The ending could use some work, but overall it’s worth watching.
CALIGULA - 2.5 star
Not a movie for the faint of heart or conservative viewer, the first time we saw it, we were in our late teens and loved it, all that forbidden stuff we never knew existed. The second time we saw it was in our late twenties, maturity had set in. Let’s just say we were shocked.
This film documents the violently sadistic life of Roman Emperor Caligula, whom was renown for his sexual escapades, orgies and sado-masochism tendencies. Sexual scenes are explicit and at times violent. 

No one will ever call you prude if you make it through Caligula! Perverse maybe, but never prude.

The difference between pornography and erotica.

Pornography is a film, photograph or written work with one purpose, to show sex, graphically, explicitly with no need for imagination or intelligence.  Pornography is sex for sex's sake and nothing else.

Anyone in any language can understand pornography.  However, not everyone will understand erotica or recognize it when they see it.

Erotica is a drama, comedy, photograph, musical or written work that is about a subject and sex or seduction is part of the story.   It may or may not be overt.  Erotica is more about the tease than the actual act and requires an appreciation of both the art of seduction and a level of intelligence to understand the innuendo and intrigue.  Erotica is intellectual foreplay.

Best erotic movies

Below we have assembled our list of the best erotic movies we think both of you will enjoy  You may be surprised by some we've included because you may not have thought of them as erotic.  We look for elements that tease as well as tantalize and we will continue to add others as visitors like you submit their favorites.

See also: Best Romantic Comedies

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