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Getting Her Back

… For Good

The World's Most Romantic Man Reveals:

How To Help You Get Her Back
and Hold Her In Your Arms Once More…

Increase the chances of getting her back no matter how resistant she is, no matter how far away she is and no matter how hopeless or difficult your situation seems!

I am regarded in the media as one of the nation's top experts on relationship matters. So you know that my advice to help win her back is based on YEARS of experience, not guesswork! Which brings me to…

The 7 Biggest Mistakes Men Make 
Trying To Get Their Women Back

Unfortunately, most men go about trying to get their girl back totally the wrong way and pay the price dearly. In most cases, these mistakes actually push her further away! Mistakes like…

    •    Apologizing for your behavior
    •    Sending flowers or chocolates
    •    Promising to become who she wants
    •    Dressing nicer
    •    Showing your anger or pain
    •    Contriving manipulative strategies
    •    Showing you are desperate or needy

These things only reaffirm her decision to leave you.

They may get her attention, something you’ll definitely need to achieve at some point, but none of which fixes anything at all about the root problems behind the breakup.

She may feel sorry for you (and that may feel good to you, because any form of softness or attention from her at this point is like heroin), but it won’t bring her back.

The only hope is to be real, to be on the other side of the pain and and panic, to be strong in the face of what you are feeling, and to demonstrate not a shred of bullshit in whatever process of reconciliation transpires.

And that's exactly what you'll learn in my system called…"Getting Her Back… For Good"

Most “win her back” books are merely “whatever it takes” moves to hide or mask what went wrong in the first place, or to create the illusion of change instead of the reality of it.  Michael takes you through step-by-step on how to get her back for good. 

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