What is Sexier, Fall/Winter Clothes or Summer Style? by Lorne Caplan

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

It's easy to get into a summer mood. Simple clothes, the lighter and skimpier the better. Especially when it's hot outside and it often is in the summer. When compared to the colder seasons, you might think, how can you even ask that question?

Just as in many comparisons, once you consider the true aspects of what sexy is, it isn't so cut and dried as  a bikini, or skate shorts with a six-pack. In fact it isn't as simple as being naked, or half-naked. Often, it is about what isn't so obvious, just as abstinence and sexual tension are often precursors to an explosive and exceptional  round of love making. This is true for clothing as well.

Those in the fashion industry don't use words that chefs like to use when describing food, such as orgasmic, or seductive and sensual. Rather they use more structured terminology, like clean or flowing lines and a fine cut. It just doesn't seem fair to relegate what we wear to the industrial bin and although clothing when worn by a Hollywood starlet is described as sexy, it is often not the garment that is evoking this term.

So what is sexier, if anything at all? Can clothes be sexy vs. wearing skimpy or clothes or no clothes at all?

As many people as there are in the world, there are also as many styles that are worn. From hard core Gothic (keep in mind that there over 200 genres of Gothic subcategories) to preppy and everything in between. Some folks choose to bear their mid-rif, while others are covered almost head to toe in any season, but to be sexy, it isn't as much about what you wear, but how you wear it. Indeed, with the right amount of confidence, a man or a woman can be wearing a potato sack and be sexy.

Having been a fashion model, working in the clothing design and manufacturing industry along with a number of other unrelated conservative fields (banking, medicine) and not so conservative industries (adult novelty products), I can tell you that I have seen all manner of clothing and the people that wear them. I can now appreciate those people that had their own styles (perhaps a little way out there when I was younger) and I also understand their confidence and disinterest in others opinions. That in part, is where the confidence part comes in, whether wearing little more than a summer wrap or a pair of tights, short coat, scarf and hat to keep the fall chill away. 

You'll notice that I didn't say winter chill because those who don't like the cold and they make up the vast majority, tend to bundle up to the point that you can't even recognize if anyone is underneath the quilted coats that are so popular today. Imagine just 20 years ago when these coats had down in them and they were that much more puffed-up then the thinsulate technology used in coats today. That isn't to say a well dressed man or woman on a ski hill can't be sexy, because they most certainly can and this is part of the allure of clothing covering a person and being sexy, while those walking around bearing most of their bodies are not sexy. Rather they are perceived as, I'll use the words, skanky, tasteless, crude (I can't use the "slut" word because it is now entering the taboo lexicon of phrases because of the perceived attraction to personal abuse and harm that men may commit on these unsuspecting women because of the negative connotation it brings - The Slut Walk has positively taken this issue up).

I would have liked this topic to be simple, but as you can see, it is not and brings in a whole set of issues that can be considered when addressing what is sexier. Suffice it to say, I've touched on a variety if these themes because I wanted to show you how complex sexy is. It isn't being naked. It has little to do with how you walk or speak but incorporates all of these elements when considering who is doing the looking and considering and the individual wearing the clothes in the first place. I posted a picture of a long cotton Japanese-alternative style jacket and hood just to show how even a piece of clothes as innocuous as that, can indeed be sexy.

If the person wearing the jacket was slouched, blowing cigarette smoke out from under the hood and after getting closer had a rancid smell about them, then the it's a good bet, sexy wouldn't be the word used to describe that person. Remember, I said confidence is key and a posture that is slouched does not suggest confidence. Rather the opposite. So when considering what to wear to be sexy, you absolutely have to consider a variety of other aspects about how you carry yourself.

The celebrity magazines are filled with sexy actors, singers and other celebrities and we automatically assume that it is because of their stardom that they are sexy, when it is actually the reverse. They carried themselves, had the confidence and attitude to project their sexy persona. In essence, if you think sexy, you'll be sexy, so why strip off most of your clothes to become sexy, when for the most part, the less revealed, the more a persons imagination has to work. There are also mountains of research about how our brains pleasure points (and the brain is the focal point of our sexual desires) react when first seeing something that we desire and then smelling that person. A double whammy that is sure to capture anyone's attention and seal the sexy bid.

Given all of this information, it is clear that a person with the tools to project sexiness will be equally attractive in the fall as in the summer, but it isn't necessary to reveal skin to be perceived "sexy". My contention is that a sufficient amount of clothes can draw the attention of anyone you desire (and plenty of those that you don't) and even be titillating because there is more left to the imagination. Just like reading the book is far more satisfying than seeing the movie version, it let's your brain create alternate and far more powerful realities. These are the realities that promote the release of feel good hormones and the rest you can guess.

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