The Girlfriend Store: Gifts For Girlfriends

We've tried to make it as easy as possible gentlemen,  we know you hate shopping and if you're unsure of your judgment, don't hesitate to contact us and we'll absolutely help you with your gift buying decision.

Top 5 Romantic Gifts For Girlfriends

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At Couples Company, we know how difficult it is to buy for your girlfriend, whether you’ve been together for just a moment or years. We understand the dynamics and sometimes, expectations that may exist during important dates such as anniversaries, birthdays and even sentimental events like when you first met, the date of your first kiss, when you first said “I love you”, the date you were intimate for the first time and the “no reason date or just because you love her”.

Top 5 Flirty Gifts For Girlfriends

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The last reason would be an outstanding opportunity to show your girlfriend just how high you rank on the Romance Quotient Scale© developed by the experts and principals of Couples Company. Oh and let’s not forget the make-up gift!

It does take some effort and at Couples Company, we have invested thousands of man hours and visited hundreds of trade, consumer, romance, passion and intimacy events worldwide to find the most exceptional, highest value items for you to consider as ideal gifts for your girlfriend. We always welcome insight from our clients and fans and if we’ve missed something, please contact us and let us know what you think.

We’ve outlined the various categories of gifts and ideal items and costs that you should consider in The Romantic Gift Guide. So, enjoy our catalogs and the products that we offer to bring your girlfriend the happiness, warmth and love that you want to share with her.

A Man's Role in Gift Giving

Long ago men showed their ability to protect and cherish by hunting, fighting and bringing home dinner. Today men show their virility and ability to protect through the giving of gifts and experiences. Little frequent gifts are much better than big expensive gifts. Gift giving is an essential component of sexual Intimacy (level 7). It's how you show affection without getting physical.

Your gifts should show appreciation but also demonstrate what she can look forward to should you two choose to unite for the rest of your lives. The biggest mistake men make is spending too much at this stage.

During this stage gentlemen, you're wooing her and tantalizing her with your charm.  Choose gifts that support her activities, personality, ambitions and sense of self.  Your gifts can show her that you listen to her and care.  This is also a good time in the relationship for teasing gifts that highlight her quirks and uniqueness. A gift has much more meaning if it is personalized versus expensive.

Girlfriend Gifts

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The Girlfriend Store is organized by gifts appropriate for each stage of your relationship in its first year.  If your relationship is more than a year old, any of the gifts in the Girlfriend, Wife, Seduction or Couples stores are appropriate. Sisters, sister-in-laws, friend girls, co-workers, teenage daughters and women in general will also enjoy many of these gifts.

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