Tricks & Techniques: Idea Board Part Two


Every once in a while I'm able to send the kids over to a friend's on a weeknight.  The night before I prepare a dozen or so suggestive post-it notes and hide them in my husband's wallet, clothes, briefcase and anything else.  He finds these throughout the day and it builds anticipation.  Since he's an accountant, I use accounting metaphors to get my point across, "It's been sometime since your last deposit in Bank of Monica.  I'm expecting a rather large one this evening." or, "Please don't make a withdrawal before your transaction is complete. The penalty is quite stiff."
RT, Boring, OR. 

 "Build up all day long"

This one can be fun in a theater or at home.  My girlfriend is very sensitive on her neck so I'll use my drinking straw for a little teasing during the show.  First I'll blow on her neck behind her ear.  At this point her skin is dry.  Then I'll give her a few well placed kisses and blow again on the wet.  By the time we get out to the car, she's all over me!
HT, Yakima, WA  

"The adult version of a pea shooter."

WARNING: Do not do this trick if she has asthma, heart disease or has had a stroke.

This simple little trick turns an average orgasm into a major blow.  Take a tablespoon of black pepper and wrap it in a handkerchief creating a small ball at the end.  Secure it with a rubber band.  Place the ball under her nose about a minute before orgasm (but no where near the eyes).  The closer to orgasm, the more pepper she breathes in until explosion!  During the orgasm she will begin to sneeze, tightening the abdominal muscles and creating an intense release for her and an even more intense feeling for him inside as her abdominal muscles clamp down on him!
CJ, Orem, UT

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