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Movies for Couples: Rankings of your favorite films of all time!

Whether you're looking for dinner and a movie or a little snuggle time on couch watching a video, you'll find the movies guaranteed to please the both of you at Couples Time Movies.Rather than just look at films created over the past thirty years, we've gone back as far as 1920 to cull the best of the best.  Some are recent releases and others will warm the hearts of classic movie buffs.  We hope you enjoy are rankings as much as we did watching the films and creating deciding on our favorites!

The Top 25 Satirical Comedies of All Time
Satires are ruled by Murphy's Law: Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong.

The Top 25 Romantic Comedies
Comedies are always hard to rate because what one thinks of as comedy is really a personal choice.

The Top 25 Films for Women
Call them chick flicks if you like but some movies are just perfect for women. Let's say your wife or girlfriend is home sick and bored. 

The Top 25 Inspirational Movies of All Time
Hankies in hand, get ready!  These are the films you will watch from the first second all the way through just so you can experience the wonder of human triumph.

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