Call them chick flicks if you like but some movies are just perfect for women. Let's say your wife or girlfriend is home sick and bored.  You want to bring her a movie she'll like but aren't sure where to start.  Bring home any of the movies on this list and she'll thank you.

We've taken a look at the movies made over the past 75 years and come up with our favorite choices for movies women will love.  In most cases men will enjoy these too!

If she's home sick or just needs a time out from reality, picking up any of these movies is sure to please. Each has strong story lines,  incredible characters and showcase the human spirit, hope and perseverance. If you need a mental pick-me-up or just a good cry through happy tears, you'll want to watch each of these films again and again. Presenting Couples Company’s picks for the Top Women's Films of all Time.



This powerful cast of Hollywood royalty and soon to be royalty looks at the everyday loves, triumphs and disappointments of just plain living. 

Peppered with southern down-home humor and eccentric characters, Steel Magnolias is a movie that captures the essence of being a woman and the importance of the people in our lives.

BEACHES - 5 Stars
Looking at the lives and friendship of two drastically different women.  Hillary, a debutant and heir to a tremendous fortune and CeCe the precocious and ambitious street-smart child star. 

The two girls meet as children under the Atlantic City boardwalk and begin a lifelong friendship.  Through their lives they fight over men, grow together and then apart until finally tragedy brings them together.  Warm, ingratiating and at times almost two real,Beaches remains a favorite of women everywhere.


Mother’s and daughters, the love-hate relationship transcends race, creed and origin.  The Joy Luck Club is really 8 vignette stories intertwined that cover two continents and two generations. 

It shows the misunderstandings women grow up with and ultimately how much like our mothers we become.  Particularly interesting is the contrast and similarities.  The mothers are immigrants from China.  Their daughters are born American.  Between them each must contend with clashing cultures and an ever-changing world.  Stories tell of the mother’s struggles and then show similarities in the daughter’s struggles.  As with many great women’s movies, hankies are a necessity!

Both romantic and exciting,Casablanca is the encapsulation of a great romantic novel set to the screen and often considered one of the greatest movies of all time. 

Set against the backdrop of World War II, Casablanca mixes love with danger and intrigue by following a reluctant hero as he navigates politics in pursuit of the one he loves, only to say goodbye in the end.

This powerful film is about strength within ones’ self and the power of belief in pulling your life out of despair against all odds.  It is about women being seen as objects and turning the tables on abuse. 

It is about sisters, separated but never parted in their souls whom ultimately grow through life and find each other in the happiest of reunions. 

THELMA & LOUISE - 4.5 Stars
When good girls go bad and finally have enough, you haveThelma and Louise!

Add a convertible, incredible scenery, gorgeous men, slimy men and the cops hot on your tail and this movie delivers the ultimate road trip fantasy of two women escaping suburbia, teaching men-pigs lessons in respect and discovering themselves.

Though made in the forties,Mildred Pierce is about today’s reality for many women.  A single mom pulls herself out of the gutter and poverty to create a successful business and become prosperous.  In the process, she steps on many toes, burns bridges and turns her back on love and her daughter.  Through the lessons she comes to realize what is important in life and through tenacity begins rebuilding on a foundation more secure. 

Another story about Mother’s and daughters that explores the love-hate relationship and psychotic episodes that are part of the relationship as daughters become adults and mother’s revert back to being children. 

At times heart wrenching and at times ingratiating, this story is about life and how each woman makes it through one day at a time

Women can be cruel, yet we are devilishly charming while doing it.  All About Eve is the story of ambition and the lengths some women will go to in an effort to achieve success.  It is the classic story of good and evil and a study in ethics as one woman uses cunning and deception dressed in sweetness to undermine and replace another.  In the end like all great lessons, what goes around comes around. Eve finds herself confronting herself as another woman takes her place and begins the same campaign on her. 


A single mom on welfare is forced into creating her own destiny through happenstance and bad luck.  In the process she finds her true calling and becomes the savior of hundred’s of people. 

A David and Goliath story on two fronts, both in the business world and personal world, Erin Brockovich will leave every woman believing with guts she can do anything.

A STAR IS BORN - 5 Stars
From rags to riches, this story follows the ascent of Esther Blodgett as she claws her way through Hollywood to become an A list star.  But fame and money don’t bring happiness as she sees her husband fall into despair and alcoholism.  Trying to keep everything together and care for her husband at the same time, Esther realizes the true price of success is often a double-edged sword.

Mary Tyler Moore plays a narcissistic wife and mother confronted with reality and the problems of her teenage son and lackluster husband.  Angry at the world she chooses to withhold love rather than show it.  The results on herself and her family are devastating.  A final breakdown forces the reexamining of priorities and the confronting of personal demons in order to take control and rediscover her life once more.

True stories often make the best stories and What’s love got to do with it follows the life and loves of Tina Turner from childhood to comeback. Overcoming an abusive marriage and rediscovering herself and her inner strength, Turner confronts the rules on age and entertainment and shatters them permanently.  After watching this movie, every woman will believe she can do anything.


The tension between men and women is brilliantly played in this screen adaptation of Tennessee Williams' masterpiece.  One of Elizabeth Taylor's sexiest roles and any early glimpse at Paul Newman's exceptional career.  If she's into soaps and intrigue, anyone woman will love this back biting timeless classic!

Another not so well known Tennessee Williams film, 'This Property is Condemned' with Robert Redford and Natalie Wood is well worth the time too!.

Evil lurks where women lie and Hush, Hush Sweet Charlotte plays on innocence cloaking dastardly intentions. 

A wealthy woman begins to feel she is going insane, though she doesn’t realize it is the manipulations of her close relative setting her up for the fall.  The idea is to steal the wealth of the woman through embezzlement by causing her to go insane.  The surprise ending and devilish grin of the target show that dastardly intentions can work both ways.


This was a surprisingly good film and the addition of Clive Owen as Sir Walter Raleigh makes it mouth-watering. It's also historically accurate in most cases, though some creative license is used.

The story covers Queen Elizabeth I of England's battle with her cousin Queen Mary of Scots and how the ultimate execution of her by Queen Elizabeth was a set up to draw England into a war with Spanish which culminates in the destruction of the Spanish Armada signaling the beginning of the end for Spain as a reigning world power.

Seductive, dramatic and powerful, this is a great film about a great woman who changed the course of history. 


The is considered one of the best films of all time by many critics. Splendor in the Grass is a coming of age story about two teenagers in Depression era Kansas and the turns their lives take with the stock market crash. It takes place between 1928 and 1933 and explores many controversial issues of the time when it was made including pre-marital sex, young love, mental illness and the role of wealth in society. 

Splendor in the Grass was Warren Beatty's first film and Natalie Wood's first adult role. An Amazing Film!

NINE TO FIVE - 4 Stars
Any woman whom has had to work for a living will appreciate this raucously funny look at white collar slavery in the modern day office.  One of the best comedies to come out of the late seventies and early eighties, 9 to 5 will have you tapping your feet and living it up as the boss finally gets put in his place! 

THE TUDORS - 4.5 Stars (Television Series)

This is one of those series that men love as much as women. It's about relationships, wealth, power and sex.  It has it all: intrigue, seduction, murder, suspense, drama, comedy, betrayal...and it is extraordinarily well researched and well written by Michael Hirst. Jonathan Rhys Meyers plays King Henry VIII of England. The series spans roughly 30 years, from his youth as King, through his six wives and finally his death. Supporting cast is amazing, you will be hooked! Warning, there is a lot of nudity, graphic sex and graphic violence. Mature Audiences Only. The Complete series is available on Amazon for $90.99 or can be rented 

THE BLIND SIDE - 4.5 Stars

Sandra Bullock's Academy Award winning performance graces this wonderful true-life story of Michael Oher, a high school student who was homeless and due to the care and tutelage of Tennessee housewife and mother Leigh Anne Touhy and her family, he goes from living on the streets to a Pro-football contract.  The story is inspirational, heartwarming and a happy tear-jerker! Just what we women love to watch!

This is another 'chick flick' he'll be happy to watch with you! Lots of eye candy for him, plenty of romance, comedy and drama for you...and it's all based upon a true story!Widowed in 1937 and losing her son in WWII, the wealthy and respectable Mrs. Henderson decides to buy a theater and launches a nude review in London. How she handles the sensors, the government and her stage manager is comedy beyond compare! It's a wonderful look at British culture, what strong women can accomplish and terrific film for date night! 

SOUL FOOD - 4 Stars
Food has always provided the glue for families and Soul Food is a wonderful taste of Americana and the importance of family.  A feel good movie it explores the power of relationships, love, food and the constant of family in the importance of a full life 

Also see 'Diary of a Mad Black Woman', which is quite entertaining, especially for women recovering from a break-up!

A great movie this is not, but its idea and possibility land it on our list. For women this is the ultimate horror story, especially if your husband has ever tried to change you.  Men decide they women to look after them and replace existing wives with robot look-alikes.  Moving into the town, new residents realize something is very strange.  As they try to protest, one by one they are shipped off and turned into robots. 


Just when you think life cannot get any worse, it does.  Against all odds and brought up as a slave, Queen uses her white skin to gain access to white society segregated America. 

Through homelessness, institutionalization, murder and kidnapping, Queen perseveres and ultimately finds true love.  Queen is the second installment of Alex Haley’s Roots and cover


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