Can The NHL Lockout Help Improve a Sports-fans Marriage & Relationship?

Some hockey fans are despondent about the fourth work stoppage in less than 20 years of their favorite sports game. Yet some women (as most NHL fans are men) find that the extra time gives them the ability to improve their relationships romance, communication and intimacy. The men, on the other hand, may feel differently! Read More...

Redheads: The Most Sex-appeal and The Most Fun!

A comprehensive review of redheads from the dark days where they were persecuted as witches, to the current redheaded mania.


Romantic Cuisine: Sensory Delights For Passion & Intimacy

Your At Home Recipe For Valentine's Day and Throughout The Year

One item that is often not discussed as a gift option and is sure to be a hit with your spouse or girlfriend / boyfriend (with an emphasis on guys paying attention to this suggestion) is getting his inner chef out for Valentine's Day and any day during the year.


New York Comic Con: Can Male Illustrators Show Female Emotions Without Hyper-Sexualizing Them?

The domination of comic book and graphic novel images of women being drawn by male illustrators ...

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Why Are Speedo’s So Reviled in North America?

Cultures are a funny thing. The much-reviled Speedo swimsuit that is so popular in Europe and around the world, is made fun of and rejected with so much energy in North America. 

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Top 30 Suspense Thrillers

Top 20 Violent Horror Films

Top 10 Movies About Flirting

25 Most Romantic Films Of All Time

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Top 25 Films for Women

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 Long distance relationships - How to do it successfully

Ideally, we would all meet our future spouses, live in the same town, date for about a year and get married in  two and never be separated again, ideally. I have friends who've done this successfully and then there are people like me. The best laid plans? Reality somehow interferes with...

The eight stages of intimacy 
By Laura Dawn Lewis 
Is your relationship everything you ever hoped for? Does it feel like something is missing or maybe it’s just note quite what you are looking for? Do your romances crash an

Resolutions you may actually be able to keep!

If you're like me, these major life changing resolutions usually last through January 3rd (or maybe all the way to Valentines if you're lucky). So how about some resolutions you can keep?d burn before six months?


Valentines and Romantic Gift Guide
LOS ANGELES, JANUARY 19, 2011: January 20th of each year is international break-up day. Seriously. More love relationships bust up on January 20th each year than any other day of the year. The why is simple. A lot of couples stay together for the holidays but they do not want to deal with Valentines as a couple. January 20 seems to be smack in the middle and right around that time each year a lot of couples will call it quits. Of course this article isn't for newly single. This article is for those of you who've met someone special in the past 365 days and  you're starting to realize Valentine's is just around the corner and what do you do? 

How Well Do You Know Your Floral Etiquette?
For centuries different plants, fruits and flowers have held special meanings and allowed people to communicate without saying a word.

Top Ten Sensual Songs of All Time
Music influences me profoundly and I use it to charge myself up before a big meeting, relax after a difficult day and even put myself in the right mood for a romantic evening. I also find it very useful when trying to come up with words for stories in the Sensuality Series.

Is Chocolate Better then Sex 
True, it releases the same endorphins in your brain as sex, which may be why it is considered such a sensual food. But chocolate can't hug you, kiss you or say I love you.   So what is the big attraction?

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Send me Someone to Love
Losing a spouse and best friend is one of the most devastating things that can happen to a happily married couple. Learning to cope with that loss while attempting to get on with your life is an extremely difficult process, seemingly impossible at times.

Gifts of Comfort For Those Grieving the Loss of a Loved One
GENEVA, Ill., Nov. 20, 2003- The holidays can be difficult for those who are grieving the loss of a loved one. But despite their grief, many may be comforted by receiving a gift of remembrance.

The Four Stages of Grief
AKA: How Much Longer Until I Feel Good Again?

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Those Funny Little E-Mail Symbols
Remember the first time you got one, a little ( :) ) and had no idea what it meant. It was like this secret language those more e-mail savvy had developed for the sole purpose of making everyone else feel less tech inclined and completely clueless. 

How to Gracefully Accept or Decline an Invitation
Have you ever noticed that either you seem to receive no invitations to parties or holiday feasts, or you receive ten all for the same night? Perhaps you have relatives or friends with relatives you'd prefer not to spend even an hour with. How do you get out of these situations without burning your bridges or hurting someone's feelings?
How to Approach Noisy Neighbors
I live in an apartment building and the people directly upstairs are very loud. They pace the floor with their shoes on, move furniture and sound like they stomp and jump up and down at all hours of the day and night. How should I go about getting them to be a little more considerate? 

Government Structures 101
Poll Americans and it is surprising how many believe that the United States of America is a Democracy and how many do not know what the constitution says or what our true rights are. Most people we polled for this article didn't realize the Bill of Rights is the first 10 amendments to the constitution. 

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Relationship and support group