Couples Company's Best and Most Erotic Movie Listings


Whether you are searching for the most erotic movies of all time, or if you are interested in the top sensual movies, Couples Company has compiled a variety of lists for you to explore.

We define movies in different categories, such as most Romantic Films of all time, top Flirting Movies, best Romantic Comedy Movies or top 20 Sensually Romantic Movies. There is a distinctive difference between erotic, sensual, romantic, flirty and other classifications of movie with an intimacy and sexuality that is above and beyond the usual pg-13 rated movies.

We welcome your interpretations and any movies that we may not have included or should have in your opinion. Enjoy these films and check back with us frequently as we introduce new best movie listings for fans of erotic and sensual movies and all of their variations.

Top 20 Sensually Romantically Erotic Films

The opening comments suggest that these films are an excellent alternative to straight-out porn. If you're lady doesn't like porn and prefers a great story, Hollywood production and steamy, romantic scenes with similarly hot and attractive actors, then these films are for you. They are tasteful and erotic and hole none of the bad acting issues and lame writing (or attempts at writing) that porn provides. Enjoy these films with your partner. You'll see the value in sexual tension and anticipation.

The 25 Most Romantic Films of All Time

Romance includes a number of elements including strong, engaging and passionate kissing. Humor, physicality and drama are all involved in these films and should be taken as a compendium of offerings. If you see most of them, you'll know what we mean. Just think of Vivian Leigh in her period dress, looking up at her home with the fire of war behind her. Movies are rarely made with such an emphasis on emotion as they were then. Feel the pain and intimacy of these actors and the eroticism will surely come out. Sometimes, you have to put an effort into your relationships, which is what many of these movies speak to. Enjoy!

Best Romantic Comedies

Don't underestimate the power of humor when trying to woo that man or woman you're interested in. It is estimated that humor is in the top five of all characteristics that any man or woman finds attractive about a person. So laugh it up (but please control that donkey laugh and snort please! That isn't erotic for sure!), you'll find that the feel good hormones all that laughing does, increases your level of interest in intimacy and lowers those walls that often block any sincere advances.

Top 10 Movies About Flirting 

Much has been written about the art of intimacy and flirting is a key part of it. Our culture doesn't put much emphasis on foreplay and flirting, but anyone with some experience and romantic motivation will tell you to learn as much as you can about flirting and use it with skill whenever the situation demands it, or when you're just in the mood for a little fun and frolic.

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