Top 5 best iPhone apps for babies & toddlers

Babies and toddlers just love touch-screen devices like iPhones and iPads.


They tend to gravitate towards them with the same interest as they do to Elmo on Sesame Street. Some parents may shy away from these digital baby-sitters, but their influence in our world today can not be overstated. For parents looking for fun and useful iPhone or iPad apps for their babies and toddlers, we have put together a list of some of our favorites. 

Relax Melodies By iLBSoft
Category: Sleep

Relax Melodies is the leader in personalized relaxation and sleep assistance. No more insomnia for you! Tension is a thing of the past at any moment! Just custom mix your favorite high quality sounds from a selection of 50, then slip naturally into a relaxed state or a deep, rejuvenating sleep. Join 6,000,000 relaxed users for the ultimate and easiest relaxation experience!The app has over 50 sounds and a high user rating.

Baby's Touch By Ironpaper
Category: Baby game

This app was designed specifically for babies, toddlers and young kids. (It is fun for adults too!) Create bubbles and cute shapes by touching the sky. Tap once to create a single bubble, star or moon, or drag your finger to create a string of shapes that move and pop. If you touch a shape, it will gently pop with a delightful animation.

WebMD Baby By WebMD
Category: Utility
The new WebMD Baby app has quick access to trusted and physician-approved baby health and wellness information anytime, anywhere. Personalized for a baby’s specific age, the WebMD Baby app delivers timely physician-approved guidance, helping parents stay informed and one step ahead of their baby’s growth and development.

50,000 Baby Names FREE By Total Ecommerce LLC
Category: Baby names
50,000 FREE Baby Names is the BEST baby name app available and it is 100% FREE! If you can't find the perfect name with Baby Names it doesn't exist! EVERY DAY babies are named with the help of this app!

Itsy Bitsy Spider – by Duck Duck Moose
Category: Song
Like our other award-winning children’s apps, Itsy Bitsy Spider is based on a popular song, but this new app is even more interactive and has more educational activities to engage children. A friendly tutor (a fly!) teaches your child about nature and the environment.

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