What can Pilates do for me?

A summary of benefits that pilates can provide:

1.      Contoured and lean, not bulky, muscle development

2.      Dramatically improved flexibility

3.      Proper posture

 4.      Svelte, contoured body line

5.      Improved mental focus

6.      Rehabilitation of many injuries and conditions: Including back pain, arthritis, stroke, heart attack, sexual dysfunction, scoliosis, osteoporosis, and many more

Pilates can improve my sex life??

Believe it…it’s true. It only makes sense too. An enormous amount of research is being placed in the pelvic floor and pelvic muscles (i.e. Kegel muscles) for sexual dysfunction in both sexes. Pilates originally aimed his exercises to improve all areas of life, especially sexuality and sexual health. Considering that all the organs and nerves that are responsible for erections to orgasm are housed in the “core” region of our pelvis, it’s only obvious that paying attention to this region pose enormous benefits for your sexual health. 
How long will it take to see these results?

Just as with anything else with life, the more committed you are, the more quickly you will see the results. Pilates is not a weekend or overnight workout. It is a systematic method that requires both time and patience, however the results continue to manifest through time. Usually, within a few weeks you may notice changes in not just how you sit, stand, walk, or move, but even in the way you speak, or perhaps an increase in self-confidence and image as you project yourself to others.

Can these exercises be done alone or with an instructor?

It is best to learn and continue your training in the Pilates Method with a certified instructor. This does not mean you need to only do your workouts with an instructor’s supervision, but they make crucial corrections and training so that you will progress safely and effectively. There are many intricately subtle, yet profound adjustments to your posture.

Your positioning and breathing that have tremendous impact on your success with Pilates. As with any other workout, practicing the movements improperly can do more harm than good. (Read more about qualified providers...)


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