How to Make Yourself a God (or Goddess)

in the Eyes of the One You Want

by Tom McKnight
3) Maintain Some Emotional Distance

Another quality that all gods possess is their unknowability.  Let’s recall another part of Lois Lane’s Superman song.  In one place she says, “Don’t know who you are… Just a friend from another star!”
In all your friendliness with the One You Want, remember to maintain some mystery, some intrigue.  Too much familiarity does indeed breed contempt.  So, if you want to set the stage to be loved and revered during your developing romance, don’t reveal too much about yourself too soon.  Remember, Superman was mysterious, having a completely unknown side to him that was unknowable, even to Lois!

I’ll never forget the discussion I had with one young woman many years ago who argued with me that all she wanted from a man was emotional intimacy.  “Too much, too soon,” I warned, “only makes one start looking for the emergency exits”.  Of course my words were largely ignored.  However, within a matter of weeks, a new suitor arrived on the scene who seemed to have all the qualities she had been looking for.  I especially noted that he was especially open about his feelings with her.

When I finally had a moment with her alone where she could speak frankly, I asked her how things were going.  “Frankly,” she said, “he’s scaring me to death with all his plans for us!”  And then she added, “I think I’m going to have to end this…”

The conclusion of all this was that she broke his heart, but the lesson was learned:  When cultivating a love relationship, don’t be too anxious to spill the beans about everything you’re thinking.  Don’t reveal every amorous thought that crosses your mind.  The common phrase used in prior generations was, “Don’t wear your heart on your sleeve!”  It’ll knock you off your pedestal if you do!

Maintain some mystery about yourself.  While it may feel good to expose your innermost feelings to someone you’re attracted to, it will only sabotage your efforts to win their heart.  By retaining some modicum of discretion in your conversation and behavior, you will be able to command greater respect and admiration in your quest to be loved as the “god” they hope to marry.

4) Be Positive

If you would like the One You Want to trust and believe in you, it is necessary to give them sufficient reason for their willingness to do so.  Therefore, let your conversation always reflect optimism and offer hope.  This may not be an easy thing to do if you’ve allowed yourself to fall into the bad habit of negative thinking, but take heart!  Habits can be changed!  It simply requires some awareness of the problem, and a decision to think more positively.  There are plenty of positive-thinking resources these days, and anyone can avail themselves of them if they really wish to do so.

All of us have had the unfortunate experience at sometime in our lives of finding ourselves in the presence of whiners.  Though we may compassionately want to comfort that person, it doesn’t take long until we begin to discern within ourselves the unmistakable desire to avoid being around them.  The rule is: we are drawn towards those who are positive and who exude hope.  We are repulsed by those who are downers.  The conclusion is easy, then.  If we wish to be admired and sought after, we must practice being happy and positive! As I consider back in my own life the people who have most touched me and impressed me, it is invariably those with big smiles and positive attitudes. TOP

President Reagan used to love to tell the story about two brothers who woke up Christmas morning to very different gifts.  The one who received a new pony complained that it wasn’t fast enough, pretty enough, gentle enough, and so forth.  But the other one who thought his only gift was the pile of manure the pony had left behind, was found playing and having a grand old time in the mess that had been left behind!  While not the most realistic story, it does illustrate the very real truth that being positive is an attitude.  It’s not what life gives you that matters – it’s how you take what life gives!

Begin today to determine that you are going to choose a more positive outlook on life.  There is a silver lining to every cloud, you must begin practicing finding it.  Learn to make lemonades out of the lemons you are handed.  In the Disney classic, “Pollyanna”, a young girl teaches an entire town the “glad game”, where you always look for something good to come out of each situation.  This is a divine trait, and will help bring you the love and admiration we all so much seek in our lives, and which is essential in a truly romantic love relationship! TOP

5) Be a Friend

The last trait of godliness that we would like to mention today is the importance of being a BENIGN god, never a MALIGNANT god, to those with whom you relate.  In the final analysis, you want to be LOVED, not merely FEARED (though it is important to be respected.)  This means that you must learn to be a true friend to others.

Be unselfish.  Be considerate.  Have their happiness and best interests at heart.  Never judge or condemn.  Avoid criticism as you would the plague.  Offer compassion.  Show sympathy.

Don’t hesitate to be the first to reach out to the other, to give them a little attention, and to compassionately listen to the things they say.  Avoid criticism and judgment, always.  So long as the One You Want is acting respectfully towards you, never hesitate to leave them with a good feeling about having been in your presence.  In making it your practice to be a true friend, you will inspire love and reverence whenever your name is spoken by the One You Want.  In so doing, you will make it easy for them to think dreamily of how wonderful their life would be with you at their side!


Go ahead!  Make yourself into a god or goddess in his or her eyes!  It’s not as hard as you might think.  With a little practice you can meet the One You Want’s need to embrace perfection in the person of their dreams.  You can be that person.  Just remember: appear invincible, read their mind, maintain some emotional distance, be positive, and be a friend.  These five keys will go a long way towards making your life a heaven on earth for both you and the One You Want!

The 5 Keys to Becoming a Dating God


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