How to Make Yourself a God (or Goddess)

in the Eyes of the One You Want

by Tom McKnight
2) Read Their Mind.

Back to that Superman theme song for a moment, there are some very interesting lyrics: “Can you read my mind… Can you picture the things I’m thinking of?” went Lois Lane’s thoughts.  And, then, as the fantasy continued, she added, “You can see right through me…”

Explanation: While doing the research for Love Tactics System™, I found that one of the greatest tools to help you win someone’s heart was the ability to make them feel so understood that they almost feel like you’re reading their mind.  As one woman explained it, what she had come to realize was that most people want someone who have the ability to read them “like a book”!

That being so, how is it possible for us mere mortals to ever read someone’s mind?  Does mental telepathy really exist?  The answer is, more so than you may have ever realized!

In the movie The Wizard of Oz (MGM, 1939) when Dorothy first meets the flim-flam Professor Marvel while running away from home, he exercises some of his humbuggery skills to convince her that he has supernatural abilities to read minds.  “Professor Marvel never guesses…” he says, “He knows!!”

At one point in their exchange, Dorothy says in amazement, “Why it’s just like you could read what was inside of me!”

From a more objective basis, though, it is clear to the audience (if they’ve been paying attention at all) that Professor Marvel is not doing anything supernatural at all.  He is just being very sensitive to the unconscious cues that Dorothy herself has been giving him in the nodding or shaking of her head, as well as her overall demeanor.  But it doesn’t matter HOW he is reading her, the fact is that he IS reading her.  With a little practice each of us can produce the same effect in the people with whom we interact.

This is because every human being we meet exudes oodles of information about what’s going on inside of them, if we just pay attention.  The best way in the world to make a person feel understood is to utilize the skill of reflective listening when in conversation with them.

What this consists of, briefly, is learning to summarize the sense of what a person is trying to say whenever they are speaking to you.  After respectfully paying attention, when it is your turn to respond, you simply attempt to sum up in a crystallized fashion what it is you THINK that they’re trying to say and ask them for a verification of whether you’re clearly getting their sense or not.

“So, what it sounds to me like you’re saying is…(then share with them your best encapsulation of what you think they’ve been trying to say).  Am I getting it all?”

As you do this, something truly magic happens.  A feeling of being understood and validated sweeps over the person you are tending to like they have never experienced before.  And people experience the illusion that you are almost actually reading their thoughts!  Whether they realize it or not, that is the beginning of them falling in love with you, as well.

I cannot tell you the number of people who, when I have implemented this tool of empathy in my relationship with them, have said in amazement, “I can’t believe I’m telling you these things…  How are you getting me to talk about this…  How is it you understand me so well…?”

The fact is, people will begin to see you as a godlike figure in their life and will feel drawn to you in a way that defies normal human experience.  Psychotherapists often use the reflective listening technique in their work and have also observed the bonding experience that results, known in professional circles as the phenomenon of “transference”, falling in love with the therapist.

Use this method to bless the lives of those you interact with, though, you will be in a position to strengthen their love for you, even as you show them love and provide them the most valuable gift of validation in this way.

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