Why You Don’t Have to Be Good Looking or Rich

to Win the One You Want!!

Take the case of one of the most romantic love stories of the Twentieth Century: the abdication of the throne in the Twentieth Century by the King of Great Britain to marry "the woman that I love". All England was aghast when Edward did so in 1936, in order to marry a woman who didn’t meet the technical qualifications to be the wife of the King of England.

Nonetheless, his devotion to a woman who many considered to be clearly far beneath him in class, wealth, and looks shocked many. What allowed this woman, who many considered so inferior to the King, to command such devotion from, and wield such influence over, him?

King Edward, who was movie star handsome, somehow fell deeply in love with a woman who obviously had something going for her other than the typical skin-deep beauty and credentials of society so often sought after by most men. What was it?

It was her personality, the way she chose to conduct her behavior.

Wallis Simpson was a woman who exuded confidence in herself, a woman who believed in her own equality with any other woman in the world. And because she believed in herself – in her own self-worth, the King believed in her too!

What it Really Takes

In college I learned firsthand about the illusion of so-called "good looks".

My roommate and I one day were at a friend’s apartment visiting when several girls came by with whom we were slightly familiar. We had seen them around before, but never really felt any attraction towards either of them or paid attention because they didn’t have that "first impression" kind of good looks that leaves you longing for more.

But as we got better acquainted that day and talked with them, suddenly a transformation occurred right before our eyes. Both girls suddenly got VERY GOOD LOOKING right in front of us. I realized it was happening to me, but the experience was confirmed as actual when my roommate suddenly turned to me on the sly and said, "Tom, where in the world have these two girls been hiding all this time?!!"

The answer, of course, is that they had always been there, but it took this positive interaction for us to finally see them as good looking. And the impression didn’t go away as I developed a serious crush on one of the girls that lasted the rest of that school year!

What was it they had, you might ask, that caused this effect on us?

Several things, as I look back.

One, they didn’t act particularly like they cared whether we were attracted to them or not.

And two, they were friendly and caring, showing interest in us as persons, but exhibiting no anxiousness to necessarily get involved with us.

That same year, I had a professor in college who demonstrated a surreal-like ability to mesmerize his students that I realized later came from exhibiting these same kinds of qualities. He was one of my favorite professors of all time, well beloved by all his students, and at one point voted Professor of the Year.

Each time I came into his huge class, I noticed the buzz of all the students visiting among themselves before class. When the Professor first entered, the students still continued visiting, as he never formally called the class to order.

He just started talking. Quietly, but firmly and unfazed by the buzz of all the chatter going on around him, he persisted in making his presentation. And slowly, but surely, the chatter died until you could have heard a pin drop. The only sound was his interesting presentation.

Let me tell you that he would begin lecturing in a low voice while the class was still talking, but over the course of a few minutes he had every person in the room (several hundred!) eating out of the palm of his hand!

What struck me about his style in after-years is the fact that he never attempted to force the class to pay attention. I have been in many classes where that has been tried and failed, but he was a master at understanding the psychology of letting the class come to him of their own volition. It was all the more powerful because he did.

It is the same in winning someone’s heart, as in winning their attention. Professor Pace had confidence in himself (acquired through experience) so that he didn't have to try to force things.

Lessons Learned About - What It Takes to Win Someone’s Heart

What did these persons have in common, both the girls that won our rapt admiration, as well as the professor who won the hearts of his students?

Three things come to mind:

  1. The Maturity to love and show consideration to others
  2. The Strength to find happiness alone and within.
  3. The Wisdom to not throw one’s self at others. Or to push too hard or fast. Or to try to force love. Love takes time

Character trumps looks and possessions every time, and is more determined by the way

you think and act than the way you look. Not that natural beauty isn’t important, but that through character you become good looking to the one you want.

People say that "first impressions are important", but I say, "Last impressions are more important". And last impressions always are made by the way you behave. Don’t give up just because things don’t seem to be going your way at first.

Consistently do the right things and ultimately you will have the world eating out of your hand! They won’t remember why you initially didn’t seem good looking or attractive to them in the beginning. They will only wonder why they were so blind to begin with!

She went on to say, "People, even more than things, have to be restored, renewed, revived, reclaimed and redeemed. Never throw out anybody. Remember: if you ever need a helping hand, you'll find one at the end of your arm. As you grow older you will discover that you have two hands. One for helping yourself, the other for helping others."

Summing Up

People, contrary to popular opinion, don’t marry based on "first impressions". No, they marry based on last – or, most recent – impressions! And that is why it is so important to consistently trust in the way that you act or behave to ultimately achieve your goals, rather than upon your superficial looks or possessions.

Think about it, how many persons (including yourself) have you ever known to be smitten like crazy by someone one week, only for him or her to start having completely second thoughts about things the next week? And the change doesn’t result because the one they’re interested in has suddenly lost their looks or money, but because character flaws have suddenly become evident.

Have Confidence in Confidence Alone

Act right and think right, and everything will come out right in the end. That is the true moral of the tale of the Tortoise and the Hare. You don’t have to be flashy to win the One You Want. You just have to choose your actions wisely and interact appropriately. That’s where Love Tactics comes in! When you know you’re making correct choices in the way you behave, you feel a confidence that will see you through.

You can win the One You Want! You have nothing to fear but fear itself. As Julie Andrews, as Maria, sings in The Sound of Music, "I have confidence in confidence alone…I have confidence in me."

Realize the power of your actions and it will be much easier for you to have confidence knowing these things.

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