Ghosts of Boyfriend's Past

Should I stay in my current relationship when I can't stop thinking about my ex?

Dear Dr. Tina

I have been with R.  for 6 months, and I'm very happy with him. He's what I am looking for in a mate.  Lately, though, especially if I've had a couple if drinks, I'm tempted to call my last boyfriend, W


This is a problem with R.

I think I call W when things are rough with R. I don't want a romantic relationship with W, I miss him like an old friend, but I can't resist calling him. Am I just in denial? Do I on some other level want W back? Am I afraid of truly committing to R so I act out and call someone who reminds me of good times and irresponsibility? Why am I allowing W to haunt me and occupy my thoughts?

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