Emotional Blackmail Feedback

October 14, 2005: Thank you for this and so many of the other articles that are helping me out so much so very much....I am divorced 7-years now...and recently came out of a 2-year relationship with someone I thought was marriage material...He is very good at his work...somehow I mistook this for the same qualities in relationship...For the first 6months it was bliss but after that I started to sense emotional blackmail...but tested it out, at times I thought lets see if he changes...what I found was if I talked about things I wasn't happy in the relationship he somehow made me feel as if the relationship was in trouble...Funny I had determined if by 2-years things don't improve especially on how we spent our time together as we both work and have kids I would I tested his commitment level so it could be over...I didn't realize how much emotional blackmail I put up with till I finally got angry enough to tell him exactly what I thought....and as before used it to end the relationship...and I thought I knew how to spot a loser...I am naturally outgoing exuberant and passionate and attractive....but I was hoping this would work out ....but thank you for your advice...I have now met someone new...but I realize I need to check men out better or improve on my judgment.

MW (F) 39
Reading, Berkshire, United Kingdom

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