When the One You Want Doesn’t Want You Back

(Here's how to change that!)

by Tom McKnight

The Key to Winning the One You Want

Summing up, then, what can you do when the One You Want doesn’t want you back?

First, recognize that it’s a programmed response, and it has nothing to do with you personally.  Expect it to arise in most situations when your interest in someone first becomes evident.

Second, know for a certainty that this attitude can be overcome with a little finesse and strategic psychology.

Third, don’t apologize, or make excuses, for your interest.  Just humbly accept the initial lack of reciprocation shown towards you as your token of respect for their right to love whomever they want.

Fourth, don’t push harder, but don’t give up either.  After backing off for a short while, assert yourself in friendship towards them.  They may still be a little mistrustful of your motives, but once they become convinced that you fully accept being their friend, without needing to be their lover, they will then in due course accept your friendship.  This, in turn, will become the foundation over time to eventually establish true romantic love.

Fifth, cultivate their FRIENDSHIP by not only being supportive emotionally to them, but by continuing to demonstrate your own emotional independence and, over time, even a bit of elusiveness on your part.  When friendship is properly cultivated in this way it will eventually ripen into true romantic love.  Once you understand the process, no fish can resist being caught, even though the fish was not yet made who wanted to be caught!!

You see, if you handle this right the fish never even realizes for the most part that it is being reeled in!  This is because whenever the fish shows a lot of fight and resistance, the wise fisherman gives out just enough line to reassure it that he or she is still free.  The fisherman never exerts any real force or pull in an all out battle of wills, until the fish is so tired of resisting and fleeing that it doesn’t really care anymore to resist.

Now, go thou and do likewise!

Happy fishing!


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